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Welcome to Dukes Elite! We are a premier lacrosse team dedicated to providing high-quality training and development to players of all levels. Our team is made up of experienced coaches who are passionate about the sport and committed to helping our players reach their full potential. At Dukes Elite, we believe in fostering a love for lacrosse in our players and creating a community that supports and encourages growth both on and off the field.


Developing Champions On and Off the Field

At Dukes Elite, our mission is to develop champions on and off the field. We believe in providing a comprehensive lacrosse program that emphasizes skill development, teamwork, sportsmanship, and character-building. Our approach is tailored to each player's individual needs, allowing them to grow and excel at their own pace.

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Dukes Elite Founded

Duke's Lacrosse Club was started in 1998 and has a Rich HISTORY and TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE Unmatched by any other Club Team in America.

Duke's players are Unique because they are a part of a Special FAMILY of Players and People that wear their Duke's PRIDE as a Badge of Honor both on and off the field so that it translates to EXCELLENCE as a PLAYER on the Field and EXCELLENCE as a PERSON in the Classroom and in their School, Church, Community and most especially at Home with Family off the Field.

The Duke's Club Organization Bridges Generations of players and family's. No matter where a player or Duke's person goes, they will ALWAYS be recognized as a Duke's Player or Person. You see it on College Visits; You see it in the Coaching and Professional Ranks of lacrosse; You see it in all walks of Life and you recognize that it is a Shared, Unspoken Code that Bonds Duke's players and Duke's Family's TOGETHER for a Lifetime.

As a Philosophy, We believe that when ELITE players come together and are surrounded by other Elite players their overall play and Skill sets are Elevated Exponentially. Duke's Coaches are constantly monitoring and placing boys in the Best possible position to not only Compete but also Develop and take their game to a higher level.  Duke's Club Teams Compete in Top Level Tournament Settings so they constantly draw the Notice of College Coaches and in turn Duke's Coaches are Active in communicating and having meaningful exchanges with these College Coaches that has translated into a College Matriculation Rate of OVER 94% with the Duke's ELITE High School Players since our Inception.  

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