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Tryouts for the Duke’s Elite 2028 World Series Team. Here are all the details.

Duke's Culture and Staff

Join a winning culture and one that believes in helping develop players at every practice and game.


Our 2028 World Series staff includes, Rick Smith, Rob Forster, Jack Forster, Jason Christmas, and Bill Moore.

World Series Details

The East Qualifier takes place on March 25-26th at the DE Turf Sports Complex. Teams that come out of that tournament can qualify for the Lacrosse World Series Championship June 28th-July 1st in North Carolina



Why Supplemental?

Our Duke’s Elite 2028 team has a few players that do not meet the age requirements for the World Series (born on or after 9/1/2008). We are looking to bring in some great local (100-mile radius) talent to join the team for the Qualifier and World Series events only. You can still play (and should) on your current 2028 team.

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